Stephen Ackles (Norway, 1966), has been in the charts with hits like One for the Moon, Hey You, and Betina, to name a few, since the early nineties.

Ackles released a string of albums, received numerous music awards including three nominations for the Norwegian Grammy, and was voted ‘Best Country Album Of The Year’ for his 1991 album ‘If This Ain’t Music’.

Stephen’s comeback album For More Than Only Tonight (2013), with the single Thinkin‘ it over was celebrated as the ‘best album in Ackles’ career’ and his performance of Satan at Trygdekontoret has been regarded as ‘the best musical performance on Norwegian Television in a long time’.

Ackles’ music has always been inspired by the great legends like Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and Ray Charles and he has worked on a number of occasions with giants such as Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sir Elton John and guitarist James Burton.

With his unique and powerful, yet warm and caring tone of voice, Stephen Ackles serves up a fine mix of rootsy folk & country pop. Honest, bittersweet, and sharing a pure love for music.

On stage Stephen is just the charismatic and humoristic entertainer we all love so well, and he must have been playing hundreds of shows in Norway, Europe and the United States. Stephen Ackles easily fits any intimate setting with a small combo, or in any club with a punchy live band.

Stephen Ackles – aka ‘The Tennessee Viking’- brings his top notch band with an extended horn section and even backing singers to the bigger audiences at summer festivals.

In October 2015 Stephen releases his 15th album to celebrate 35 years as an artist.