On the 19th of April 2013, Stephen Ackles launched his new album For More Than Only Tonight. The album comes with a new single and video clip Thinkin’ It Over and also features the NRK TV-hit Satan. The brand new cd, with 13 tracks, is released on the Dutch record label 31Days Records. For Stephen, this album is a new chapter in music and life. He regards this record as his return to the musical enthusiasm he had lost from constant touring and performing hundreds of concerts around Norway, Europe and the United States.

The ‘Holland’ project started two years ago when Stephen’s 22 year old manager, Jeroen Kerstjens, introduced him to the new record label and producer Andilon Lensen. Together they hand-picked all the songs, recorded two video clips and planned Stephen’s comeback. Stephen got back on track and is ready for the next 33 years in the music business.

Of all the songs on this album, Stephen calls Satan a gift from heaven. It is the  song that has been opening doors that had been closed for years. His performance of the track at Trygdekontoret evoked outrageous response and tweets. Even Thomas Seltzer and VG journalist Anders Giæver wondered if this was the best performance on NRK ever. It was a theory that was confirmed when several television programs included the song in their annual review.

With a top notch band, backing vocalists, producer, sound engineers and record label,  Stephen serves up a fine mix of rootsy pop music to give the listener an intense and multi-flavored musical journey. This is true Norwegian Americana by the Tennessee Viking like you have never heard before.